Venture into Veganism

A little bit more about me.

University and YouTube widened my horizon. I somehow stumbled upon veganism somewhere on the internet, most likely YouTube, and the message slowly but surely crept into my consciousness.

In early 2015, I watched a documentary called Cowspiracy and that movie triggered my guilty conscience. There I was thinking that I love nature and the animals but my actions did not reflect my perceived values.

I remember visiting London in the summer of 2015 and passed by a peaceful vegan protest. There were people lying on the ground wearing bodysuits that looked like the meat or muscles of the human body. I took a picture of the scene and later found out that Ali Tabrizi was among the activists.

In October that same year, I switched to a vegan lifestyle.

I had no more excuses.

Once I understood why veganism is important, I knew I had to make a stand.

To me, it’s simple. There is no need for me to consume the flesh or byproduct of an animal in this era of abundance. And as a temporary inhabitant of Earth, it’s my (and everyone’s) responsibility to care for it. Right now, destruction is rife and one of the factors is factory farming.

Ignorance is indeed bliss, but knowledge is power. And with power comes responsibility. If I didn’t decide to be fully committed, it would be a betrayal of Trust or Knowledge that was bestowed upon me and signs of hypocrisy would surface.

I’m not saying it’s easy.

It took me nearly a year to wrap my head around the idea but I had set the intention of learning the Truth and subsequently acting upon it.

I started by changing my diet. There could be no exception or ‘cheat day’. It’s just black and white.

There were challenges such as accidentally eating something that I thought was vegan but turned out to be otherwise. But I won’t beat myself up too much as I’d learn from the experience and move on.

When buying non-food items, I needed to be aware of the materials used. It may be annoying for some but for me, I took it as a chance to learn about the types of material used to make various products. It was added knowledge.

More than anything, you need to be keen on learning new information when making a lifestyle switch. You can’t see it as an inconvenience but rather as something that would potentially be of benefit.

Essentially, I focused on my values and soon it became a habit.

It’s relatively easy for me to adapt to difficult situations because I prioritise my values, and I made it a habit to align my actions with my values.

Mindfulness and a sense of empathy do play a huge role in my being persistent.

And I wish it upon everyone to develop such an awareness and just care about things other than themselves for a change.