Ramadan Letters

Catch up on my daily letters if you missed out!

Day 0: Intro
Day 1: Revisiting your why & what
Day 2: Envision sustainable life
Day 3: Sunday clean through
Day 4: Foods you usually eat
Day 5: Recipes of favourite foods
Day 6: List of personal care items
Day 7: Alternative to personal care items
Day 8: List other items you own
Day 9: What sparks joy
Day 10: Sunday clean through
Day 11: Practice mindful breathing
Day 12: What makes you happy
Day 13: What do you want to learn
Day 14: 20 things you're grateful for
Day 15: Apps you often use

Day 16: Delete apps you don't use
Day 17: Sunday clean through
Day 18: Review your progress
Day 19: 3 financial goals
Day 20: Review budget
Day 21: Clothes you often wear
Day 22: Remove clothes you don't often wear
Day 23: Get to know your trash
Day 24: Sunday clean through
Day 25: Dance it out
Day 26: List down fitness goals
Day 27: Pick 1-3 exercises each day
Day 28: Review foods you've eaten
Day 29: List down what you're proud of
Day 30: Write 30 things you're grateful for

sustainability challenge