Conscious Connection

Being a recluse for most of my first 20 years in life, I can proudly say that I’m now quite a social butterfly.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy my own company and I’m so comfortable with every aspect of my Self. I know me inside and out.

But I knew at one point that I need to get out of my comfort zone in order to traverse the realm of opportunities and growth. I realised that if I want to live a meaningful life and make a mark on this world, I need to ‘get out there’.

And to ‘get out there’, I need to interact with people.

Once I had that reason to speak out, I sought ways to improve my networking skill and not be such an awkward turtle.

YouTube has helped me a lot. I was amazed by YouTubers who have such confidence to speak so eloquently to a camera and sending their message out to the world. I felt that it was one of the most effective ways to get your voice heard.

And so I decided to give Youtube a try. My dad generously gifted me a DSLR and I had carried it around with me during my uni life in the UK.

One of my oldest YouTube videos

I started off making travelling videos that didn’t really require me to speak so much. I was basically testing the waters. Gradually, I tried commentating and talking about certain topics.

Sit-down videos are the hardest to film (still is) just because I tend to stumble on words and it’s difficult for me to string coherent sentences. But with practice, it gets easier.

From Online to Offline

Through recording myself on Youtube, I developed the confidence to express myself. I also learnt that good networking is being a good listener. So I started listening to my friends and classmates more intently. I tried not to think about what to say but rather just react to what they say.

It’s a skill that I’ve picked up quite well over the years. I owe my university life and the people I befriended for allowing me to develop my skills.

If you meet me now, you wouldn’t even think I was a recluse. I have no problem approaching people and asking how they are or what’s their name. The first meeting has become easy and rather exciting for me. I’ve developed the interest in getting to know new people.

A New Challenge

Even though I’ve become comfortable talking to people and expressing myself more, there’s still so much to improve. You know the saying “the more you learn, the more you don’t know”? It’s quite similar to what I’m experiencing in terms of making connections with people.

It’s now easy for me to touch base, but it’s difficult for me to maintain the momentum.

No matter how good you are at speaking or presenting yourself, human relationships are always tricky. It’s you and another set of personality that you’d want to find common ground with.

And I’ve learnt that I can’t always vibe with every single person I meet no matter how much I want to. Most things are just beyond my control.

But what I can do is keep putting myself out there and sharing my thoughts to hopefully attract those who may have similar interests or mindset to want to vibe along with me.

I do genuinely wish to forge deeper and more meaningful connections with enlightened individuals. I know in my heart of hearts that remarkable ideas can be made into reality and work can be more productive when like-minded individuals come together.

With all that I do, be it writing, dancing or advocacy, I’m always wanting to connect with the people around me.

So let’s keep in touch!

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Looking forward to connecting with you x