Who Am I?

I am a spiritually connected wayfarer who is nourished by nature and energised by ideas.

In simpler words, I eat plants and dance.

Credit: Fahlevi (@meetfahlevi)

Allow me to share with you the elements that have made me the person I am now.

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This is my first and enduring love. I was blessed to be exposed to literature ever since I could read. I grew up with nursery rhymes as a toddler and the likes of Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew in my primary years. At fifteen, I discovered Jane Austen and fell in love with classics. Immersing myself in another’s story has given me a deep appreciation of the world around me.


I attribute my reading habit and general love for knowledge to my ability to comprehend and explore the realm of science. Many people would be surprised when they know of my background considering what field I’m currently in. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences (Biology & Chemistry) and I’m currently a copywriter at a digital marketing company.


In the midst of truth-seeking, I had to confront my biggest flaw at that time– my hypocrisy. How could I say I love animals and nature when I contribute to their destruction? If I hadn’t cared, I wouldn’t have bothered. And I didn’t just want to say “I care”; I wanted to show it. So going vegan was my first step to standing up against injustice. It’s the least I can do.


Being conscious of what I take from and put out to my surroundings has heightened my sense of awareness. This is a practice of mindfulness where you control and pay attention to every action and thought that may serve a purpose. It’s a perpetual practice that gets easier and greatly improves your life.


It’s only natural that I’d soon progress to being aware of my own shell; every joint, muscle, bone. This should’ve been the first “object” to be aware of as it’s the most intimate. However, it’s often the case that we forget about our temple when we’re so used to looking outside. So it’s my mission to explore my body’s capacity through dance, martial arts and other mobility exercises.


Having invested in my growth so much, it’s only human that I crave for connection with other beings, for what is the point of experience when you don’t share it with others? So I pledge to not take anything for granted and make use of various avenues–online and offline–to nurture genuine and meaningful interaction.

That is why I value you taking your time to absorb what I put out and possibly share a piece of you with me. Despite the available technology, I feel that it’s much more or as difficult to foster a real connection with people let alone with other creatures on this planet. So I hope that you’ll stay with me on this rollercoaster ride and explore what positive change we can create together.

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Much love,